New on the market but highly experienced in the field

As a business, planeground is new but our core team members are airport consultants with many years of international experience.

Consulting is a matter of trust and thus always closely connected to the people responsible for the project’s success. The quality of planeground is therefore first and foremost ensured by the quality of our consultants – and the expertise we offer our clients is also the sum of the collective experience of our entire team.

During the past 10 years our core team members have been involved as planners and consultants in more than 60 projects at over 25 airports.


Amsterdam, NL

Terminal development

2011 Study on principles of system optimisation Johan Steenvoorden, Norbert Schmidt
2002 – 2003 Pier E and BHS area Johan Steenvoorden

Terminal Asset Management

2004 – 2012 Requirements management for buildings and technical facilities Norbert Schmidt


Frankfurt, DE

Terminal development

2004 – 2010 APlus, CD concourse, T3, T2, gate  B, pier C Paul Beck, Johan Steenvoorden,
Huib Heukelom

Operational analysis apron

2006 apron processes ad ground service requirements Paul Beck


Madrid, ES

Cargo development

2011 concept design cargo hall Iberia Johan Steenvoorden


Kuwait, KW

Air traffic analysis

2010 Capacity requirements infrastructure Huib Heukelom


Cologne, DE

Master planning

2009 – 2010 Capacity development infrastructure airside and terminals (HAM-STEP) Paul Beck


Delhi, IN

Cargo Development

2010 Concept design cargo hall Air India Johan Steenvoorden


Hamburg, DE

Master planning

2008 – 2010 Capacity development infrastructure airside and terminals (HAM-STEP) Paul Beck,
Huib Heukelom


Nairobi, KE

Terminal development

2009 Consulting services and design expansion programme Johan Steenvoorden


Frankfurt-Hahn, DE

Strategy development


Support and consulting services new orientation HHN2020

Paul Beck

Terminal development

2004 – 2008 Design and optimisation based on requirements LCC operations Paul Beck,
Huib Heukelom


2003 Support HHN application for „Project Pegasus” (DHL-EU hub) Paul Beck

Master planning

2002 – 2003 Land use and terminal area development Paul Beck,
Huib Heukelom


Johannesburg, ZA

Capacity analyses

2009 Infrastructure, terminal and airport facilities Huib Heukelom


Vladivostok, RU

Terminal development

2008 – 2009 Requirements and capacity analysis, terminal design Huib Heukelom, Johan Steenvoorden


Rostock, DE

Master planning

2008 – 2009 Land-use concept infrastructure and airport city Paul Beck, Huib Heukelom


Weeze-Niederrhein, DE

Terminal development

2008 Increase in capacity: apron and terminal Paul Beck


Gibraltar, GI

Terminal analysis

2007 – 2008 Requirements analysis and design new terminal Johan Steenvoorden


Bonaire, AN

Air traffic analysis

2007 Study traffic development 2020 Huib Heukelom


Bangalore, IN

Master planning

2007 Forecast and capacity requirements infrastructure airside Huib Heukelom


Ho Chi Minh City, VN

Terminal development

2006 – 2007 Concept design and feasibility new terminal Johan Steenvoorden


Seoul, KR

Master planning

2006 – 2007 Determining capacity requirements infrastructure airside Huib Heukelom


Macao, MO

Operational analysis taxiing traffic and apron

2006 Capacity requirements study Huib Heukelom


Mumbai, IN

Master planning

2010 Analysis air traffic figures and forecast Huib Heukelom


Athens, GR

Terminal development

2005 Passenger flow and process analysis Huib Heukelom


Beijing, CN

Master planning

2004 Capacity requirements analysis infrastructure airside Huib Heukelom


Zurich, CH

Master planning

2003 – 2004 Long-term development study and land-use planning (RELIEF) Paul Beck,
Huib Heukelom


Muscat, OM

Airport building development

2003 – 2004 Terminal, tower, hangars, cargo, etc. Johan Steenvoorden


Teneriffe, ES

Master planning

2003 – 2004 Feasibility and design study 2nd RWY development Paul Beck,
Huib Heukelom


Shanghai, CN

Master planning

2003 Forecast and capacity requirements infrastructure airside Johan Steenvoorden


Jeddah, SA

Master planning and Terminal development

2002 – 2003 Expansion programme 2025 Paul Beck, Johan Steenvoorden,
Huib Heukelom