Lift-off for your projects

With FRA and AMS as our home turf, we are now seeking to share this expertise and expand our field of activities at additional airports worldwide.

planeground’s customer relationships rely on the credibility and capability of our individual consultants. With Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Fraport AG and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport we have managed to attract and retain some of Europe’s leading companies in aviation as loyal clients. We attach great importance to a long-lasting and prospering relationship with our clients, with a focus on the key aspects of quality, loyalty and integrity.

Since starting up planeground, we have been on track for growth with the aim of continuously expanding our circle of customers and range of operations. Our scope of services addresses airport operators, airlines, the related service industry as well as the private and public sector of aviation development.

Airport operators

Airports operate at the interface between economic efficiency, customer satisfaction and public justification. We plan and advise on these core areas:

  • Strategic area and business development
  • Air traffic and terminal management
  • Property development
  • Terminal and infrastructure planning
  • Commercial development (aviation/non-aviation)
  • Safety and security
  • Ground handling services
  • Air traffic control
  • Airport maintenance
  • IT and data processing


Airlines increasingly understand the competitive relevance of their flows, processes, resource allocation and passenger experience on the ground. We support and advise on developing and optimising an adequate ground product.

  • Strategic site development
  • Property development
  • User and capacity requirements
  • Aircraft and ground handling
  • Passenger product and processing
  • Commercial developments
  • Cargo and logistics
  • Aircraft maintenance

Service industry

Airports attract a large number of trade, commercial, and service enterprises. Their economic success largely depends on where and with which product they can position and develop themselves at the airport. For companies in the service industry we are competent partners when it comes to developing such products and planning projects:

  • Freight and logistics
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Catering enterprises
  • Ground handling services
  • Hotels and gastronomy
  • Retailers
  • Car park operators

Private sector companies

Urbanity and mobility are the key components that drive commercial developments in and around airports. We provide consultancy to all those involved in the development chain:

  • Property developers
  • Investment companies
  • Real estate departments
  • Construction firms
  • Engineering companies
  • Architects

Government institutions

Facilitating progress and economic welfare within the region, while protecting its residents’ quality of life, are the challenges that government authorities and public institutions face. We support and provide innovative research for:

  • Universities and research institutions
  • Ministries and aviation authorities
  • State, federal and city governments
  • Tourism authorities
  • National transportation institutions